Boot Camp


Boot Camp is the ultimate workout for weight loss, sculpting, toning as well as strength gain. Boot Camp incorporates light dumbbell, barbell and kettlebell training with high repetitions to lean out. This workout is the complete package from strength, endurance to cardio.

Boxing Boot Camp


Boxing Boot Camp full 60 -minute workout that includes a combination of heavy bag training with body weight exercises and core to complete the ultimate cardio workout. Wraps and Gloves provided.

Better You

Better you is the continuation after completing the new you program. This class will continue you on into the 7th week after completing the 6-week new you program. It is CrossFit based and will incorporate Cardio, Core, Strength and the WOD (workout of the day).

New You(6 week challange)

The New You program is designed for anyone looking to begin a fitness regimen or jump start their fitness journey. The new you program leads you from a beginner workout incorporating teaching the movements and skill required and then applying it to the WOD (workout of the day). The skill level will increase with each week completed to have you ready to jump into any workout class.

6 Week Weight Loss Program

The 6-week weight loss program is designed for the individual wanting to lose weight. It is the ultimate package to ensure your weight loss success. It includes unlimited classes (3 classes minimum weekly), nutritional guidance, food log accountability, weekly weigh ins, biweekly body comps as well as coach accountability to keep you on track.

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